Did you know that we offer multiple in-store services?

-Passport Photos! 
Get Your Photos In 10 Minutes.
Print & Digital copies are available!
Serving Calgary For Over 10 Years. Any Country and Any Age.

-Device Batteries!
Best Battery Deal in Calgary!
Need a new battery? Bring your watch, clock, jewelry, or anything
else that needs a new battery and we'll help find the correct battery!

-Glass Protectors!
Protect your device with a great selection of screen protectors.
We carry hundreds of glass screen protectors!

-Lamination Services!
Give your paper documents and presentations and professional touch,
with high quality lamination. Lamination is also useful for sealing name tags
and protecting important cards or documents. Call us for more information on
ordering, pricing, and turnaround time. Our lamination services start from $2.99.